Mount Minsi

Mount Minsi, Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania (10/8/2012)
The last time we hiked Mount Minsi was nearly five years ago when the fall foliage was peak (or perhaps a bit post-peak). Back then we followed hike #35 ("Mount Minsi") in the book 50 Hikes in Eastern Pennsylvania (4th edition), with a few extra spurs thrown in for good measure. Today I took the day off to return with my friend Andy and basically did the same hike in reverse, but with additional spurs including a short jaunt along the bank of Lake Lenape, a steep climb on an unmaintained trail up to Table Rock, a spur along a nice unmaintained trail along a stream, and a complete loop around Lake Lettini which is now basically a swamp. Finally, this time I headed further south to hit another spectacular vista on the AT overlooking the Delaware River, something I'm sure I missed last time (there are no photos from this vista).

A newer book, Hiking the Poconos: A Guide to the Area's Best Hiking Adventures (1st edition), contains the same hike as in the earlier book in Chapter 12 ("Mount Minsi").

The fall foliage was still quite minimal, but there were explosions of isolated color within the forest. Total distance was 6.3 miles in just over 3.5 hours.

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AT trail head

We headed the other way

Nrthern bank of ...

... Lake Lenape

Great Blue Heron

Fall foliage on Lake Lenape

On western bank


Above Lake Lenape

Beautiful unmaintained ...

... path above fire road


Limited view at ...

... Table Rock

Color on ...

... fire road

Lots of leaf drop

Cascades in stream

Amazing leaf drop!

Heading south

Lake Lettini is ...

... more a swamp


Slight climb ...

... on fire road


Rhododendron tunnel on AT

Climbing to ...

... first vista

Mt. Tammany detail

Andy and Tammany

Our lunch spot

Hikers on Mt. Tammany

Gorgeous views ...

... of New Jersey

Southern slope of Tammany

Views east to ...

... New Jersey

Fall color

Antenna shack

Ruins on AT

Spectacular view of Delaware


Zoom to Route 80

New Jersey

AT blazes

The famous AT blaze

Relentless ...

... descent ...

... on AT

Steep descent

Juniper berries

Kayakers far below

View from spot off AT

Route 80

Bridge over Delaware

View from Lookout Rock

Kayakers on bank

Mount Tammany


Cascades on AT

Spotted slug

White-breasted nuthatch


AT steps

Back to fire road

Fire road looking north


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