Mount Minsi

Mount Minsi, Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania (11/3/2007)
This is hike #35 ("Mount Minsi") from the book 50 Hikes in Eastern Pennsylvania (4th edition), with a few extra spurs thrown in for good measure.
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AT trail head off Mountain Road

Lake Lenape

Cormorant chides a mallard

Mallard chides back

Glimpse of Mt. Tammany in NJ


AT packed with rhododendrons

Very rocky in places

Route 80 through the trees

Hiking the ridge

Lovely lichen on rocks

And trees

Eureka Creek

Its tiny falls

View of gap off AT

View east

View north

Fall foliage


AT continues to climb Minsi

Rugged ridge

More rhododendrons


View of Mt. Tammany in NJ


Close-up of Tammany

AT survey marker at Minsi's peak

Taking the fire road back

Beautiful foliage

Lots of leaf drop

Ruins near Lake Lettini


Near Lake Lettini, now a swamp

Back to Lake Lenape

Tree mushrooms

Lilypads on Lenape

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