Worlds End Vista

Worlds End Vista, Worlds End State Park (4/9/2014)

This was the fourth hike we did during our five-day stay in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Today we finally got some sun, so we headed 55 minutes NE to one of the best state parks in the area, Worlds End, to bag a couple of views and hike along some beautiful steams. This is Hike #36 ("Worlds End Vista and Cottonwood Falls") in the book Hiking the Endless Mountains (2nd edition) by Jeff Mitchell. We parked in the large parking lot at the visitor's center and immediately started the climb up the mountain to the somewhat disappointing view west, then continued on Pioneer Road before finally catching the green-blazed nature trail, an amazingly beautiful trail along the West Branch Double Run, passing Cottonwood Falls and other cascades. But the best part was hiking the X-blazed Link Trail on rocks along the bank of the Loyalstock Creek, which was raging today after two days of rain. It was one of the prettiest places of the entire week.

Total distance hiked was 2.8 miles in 2 hours.

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