AT at Fox Gap

Appalachian Trail at Fox Gap (10/14/2012)

This is the second time in a week that I hiked a section of the AT on the Pennsylvania side near the Delaware Water Gap. On Monday, the foliage on Mt. Minsi was quite good, but today it was even better. Three weeks ago we hiked an out-and-back from Tott's Gap west to the Kirkridge shelter, arriving at the shelter the very moment the autumnal equinox arrived. On that day there was a heavy mist that obstructed or eliminated the views. So today we headed back, further west to Fox Gap, to visit Wolf Rocks to the west, and return to Nelson Overlook to the east.

We parked at the small pull-off at Fox Gap where the AT crosses Route 191. We first headed west to visit the wonderful north-looking view at Wolf Rocks and then headed back to the car, crossed Route 191 and continued east to the spectacular south-facing view at Nelson Overlook. There was no mist today! We had lunch here and then backtracked back to the car. Along the way we explored a few other spurs to views, a couple in powerline cuts.

Total distance hiked was 5.7 miles in just over 3 hours.

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AT trailhead north of Route 191

Room for 5-6 cars

A camper right near Route 191

Fall foliage near peak in places

Heading west

Colorful AT

View north from spur


Talus slope at lookout

Multi-colored ferns

AT seems to follow ...

... woods road here

Ferns in powerline cut

View north

Zoom to PA below

Zoom to farm

[Photo by Laura]

Rock pile ...

at base of Wolf Rocks


And climbing

And scrambling

Fall foliage north

Laura approaching ...

... Wolf Rocks


[Photo by Laura]

Laura from above

Muted colors ...

... in overcast sky

[Photo by Laura]

Fall foliage ...

... north


Heading back

Nice stryations

Descending ...

... the rock pile

Fire ring

Heading back east

Shy (and fast) downy woodpecker


Sign on Route 191

Nice color!


Fall foliage ...

... is peak ...

... in several places

Zoom south through powerline cut

Foliage in cut

Sign for Kirkridge shelter

Nelson Overlook

Zoom to farm; we heard those cows!

Minsi Lake at top right


Moderate foliage below

Zoom to silos

[Photo by Laura]

Our amazing lunch spot!

Memorial flowers

Foliage near Minsi Lake


Foliage at Nelson Overlook

Peak foliage on AT


Heading back west

Road to Kirkridge Retreat

AT kiosk near Rt. 191

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