AT at Wind Gap

Appalachian Trail at Wind Gap (10/20/2012)

Today we returned once again to the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, hiking "south" from Wind Gap along the ridge of Blue Mountain to a pipeline cut about 3 miles away. We parked in the lot on Route 512 right in the gap (suitable for perhaps 8-10 cars), crossed over Route 512, headed north along the side for a tenth of a mile (walking under Route 33) and made a left up the AT stairs to start the climb. And it was a relentless climb on switchbacks for the first 30 minutes. On wet leaves it was particularly slow moving.

Views (partial and open) abounded. There's a nice view in a telephone line cut on the way up, then a beautiful north-facing view at Lookout Rock. 10 minutes later there is another wonderful view, this time south-facing, at Hahn's Lookout. Route 33 can be seen winding along in the distance. For the next 1.5 miles or so there are partial views through the trees. The next amazing view comes within a quarter mile of the pipeline cut and is easy to miss. Hunting is allowed in this area and there is a trace of a spur heading north to a hunting blind on the hillside looking down into the valley. It's perhaps the most gorgeous vista of all, north-facing the many hills and farmlands of Pennsylvania. Finally, our "southern" or western destination was the pipeline cut with views both north and south. The north was a bit limited because the vegetation in the cut made it difficult to go very far north. But the southern view was spectacular.

Total distance hiked was 6.5 miles in just over 3.5 hours with peak fall foliage in abundance.

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View of Route 512 from parking

We headed south!

On the AT north of Route 33

Lots of leaf drop

Peak color

Telephone line cut looking south

Blue Mountain east of Route 33


Beautiful leafy path

Climbing a swithback


And climbing

Views north from ...

... Lookout Rock

Laura on talus pile

Rocks at Lookout Rock

Bright yellow ...

... AT

Partial view south

Route 33

Laura at ...

... Hahn's Lookout

Yellow warbler

The famous AT blaze


Seasonal views north

Autumn ferns abound

Colorful lichen

Hunting boundary

View north ...

... from spur off AT

Peak fall foliage ...

... as far as the eye can see

Green ferns

Yellow hallway


View south from pipeline cut

Bird enjoying the view

Peak color!


Overgrown vegetation ...

... in pipeline cut

Laura at southern view

Walking to northern view

View north

Deer fence

Multiple ridges in distance

Heading back

More northern views ...

... from spur

Zoom to farm field

Hunting blind on left


Large mushrooms

Bursts of color along the way

Lunch at Hahn's Lookout

Perfect for sitting

View south from lunch

Dan at Hahn's [photo by Laura]

Zoom to Roue 33

Body of water west of Rt. 33

Seasonal views ...

... on the AT ...

... while descending

Route 33 from AT

Back to Lookout Rock

Zoom to farm field

Blue Mountain east of Rt. 33

Amazing ...

... fall foliage ...

... is accentuated ...

... during cloudy conditions

Telephone cut heading north

Lookout Rock

Descending on switchbacks


Blue Mountain on other side

View through telephone cut

Zoom view

Final descent

Blue Mountain east of Rts. 512 & Rt 33

[Photo by Laura]

Heading south on Rt. 512 (under Rt. 33)

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