Sussex Branch: Hyper Hummus

Sussex Branch, Hyper Hummus (11/12/2017)

We have hiked several sections of the Sussex Branch rail trail during several occasions in the past. Today we returned to do a section between CR 663 and Hicks Avenue that we hadn't yet done. Another excuse for doing this was so that we can re-visit one of our favorite birding places in New Jersey, the Hyper Humus Marshes. Sadly we only saw a group of swans, a large group of gulls, and one lone Canada goose. But other than that, the entire place was bereft of birds on this very cold morning.

We parked in the large lot for the Paulinskill Valley rail trail on Route 663, crossed the road and headed north to the Sussex Branch (a stone's throw away). We turned right on the Sussex Branch and took that south all the way to Hick's Avenue. It's here that the trail ends and resumes about a mile south on Hicks. We backtracked to the entrance to the Hyper Humus area and winded our way through the marshes back north, eventually making a right on the PVT and taking that back to the car.

Total distance hiked today was nearly 6 miles in just under 3 hours.

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