Ship Harbor Nature Trail

Ship Harbor Nature Trail, Acadia National Park, Maine (5/13/2009)

This is hike #5-9 ("Ship Harbor") in the book A Walk in the Park: Acadia's Hiking Guide (Tenth Edition). This was the last of nine hikes we did in Maine the week of May 10.

This is the last of three hikes we took on the western side of Mount Desert Island (all in the same day). After hiking Acadia Mountain we drove all the way south on Route 102A to check out the island's only lighthouse at Bass Harbor. We then parked at the Ship Harbor trail head and did this relatively short hike (less than 1.5 miles) getting one last opporunity to boulder hop on the bank of the majestic Atlantic Ocean. It was a wonderful cap to a tremendous week in one of the America's national treasures, Acadia National Park.

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Trail head

First view of Ship Harbor

Loons in Ship Harbor

It opens to the Atlantic


[photo by Laura]

Blueberry bushes

Rabbit in hiding

Rocky ocean coast

The loons ...

... fishing ...

... in the choppy ocean



Boardwalk through wet area

[photo by Laura]

Abandoned lobster trap

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