State Game Lands #38

State Game Lands #38, Pennsylvania (10/12/2012)
I had never heard of SGL #38 nor any other SGL for that matter (SGL is an abbreviation for State Game Lands, the Pennsylvania equivalent to the WMA, or Wildlife Management Area of New Jersey) until I saw the gorgeous photos my friend Daniela took here last month. At that time I put it on our "To Hike" list. And today, a beautiful, cool fall day, Laura and I took the day off from work and drove the 80 or so minutes to enjoy this amazing place. Like the WMAs in New Jersey, there are no blazed trails, just old woods roads and unblazed trails used mainly by sportsmen. Hunting was allowed today but we didn't see any hunters, nor anyone else for that matter, until the last 10 minutes when two mountain bikers passed us on the last leg.

Like Daniela, we used Hike #13 ("Wolf Swamp and Deep Lake") in Hiking the Poconos: A Guide to the Area's Best Hiking Adventures (1st edition), as the framework, and did it in the reverse direction from that suggested in the book. To that hike we added a loop north and west of Wolf Swamp, as well as an out-and-back to Sand Spring Lake.

The fall foliage was quite spectacular in places, moderate to high. Total distance was 6.6 miles in nearly 4 hours.

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Dressed for cold!


Down the power line cut

High foliage!

Berries in cut

Nice color ...

... in the cut

Continuing down


Fall wildflowers

Gorgeous ferns

[Photo by Laura]

Shot from on high

Off cut onto woods road

View back to cut

View ahead


Grade of Wilkes-Barre & Eastern RR

Water below

Lovely rhododendron

It began spritzing a bit

Then the sun came out




Gorgeous color ...

... on the wrong spur

Heading back

Deep Lake

Fall color on bank

Beaver lodge

It's a glaciar lake

Look at that color!

Ferns at Sand Spring Lake

Sand Spring Lake

Beaver lodge in Sand Spring Lake

Fire ring & dam at Deep Lake

Drowned tree in Deep Lake

Fall foliage at Deep Lake

Path on eastern bank

Last view of Deep Lake


Radio antenna on Camelback Mountain

Beautiful color

Burst of red!

Camelback Mountain

Sun came out again

Deep Lake through trees

Autumn ferns

Crop field?

Birch trees

Path to ...

Wolf Swamp

Looks like a lake

[Photo by Laura]

Color at Wolf Swamp

Antennas on Camelback

High ...

... fall ...

... foliage ...

... on ...

... Wolf ...

... Swamp

Our lunch spot!

Bird house in swamp

View looking west

Approaching the breastworks

On the breastworks

One lone drowned tree

Birches on Wolf Swamp


Direction stone

Gorgeous ...

... fall colors ...

... on woods road back


High foliage!

On Camelback Mt. looking west

The antennas we saw from below!


Laura dwarfed

View from Camelback

Powerline cut south

View north, like earlier

Zoom view to PA

Trees turning

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