Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon (10/21/2009)

This is Hike #62 ("Runyon Canyon Park") in Day Hikes Around Los Angeles (4th edition). This was the last of five spectacular hikes we did during our five-day stay in Los Angeles from October 17 to October 21. The trailhead for this hike was actually within walking distance of our hotel in the Hollywood Hills. It's surprising how many wonderful places there are in Los Angeles that can be used to escape from Los Angeles. This one is so close to people, however, that it had more people than I have ever seen on trails anywhere before. And more dogs. This one is extremely popular for locals and their dogs. On an early Wednesday morning (before 8:30 AM) we encountered hundreds of people with hundreds of dogs. The hike has a good bit of elevation and passes the remains of what is reputedly Errol Flynn's mansion.

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