Orben Park: Ice Age Trail

Ice Age Trail, Orben Park (9/17/2017)

This is the first of two small areas we visited today in foggy Roxbury. The fog during this hike added an ethereal dimension which enhanced the experience. And photos taken in subdued light always bring out the colors of the vegetation so much better than direct light.

Using this map we parked in the small pull-off on Orben Drive and headed north into the misty woods. We did the trail in a counter-clockwise direction. It should be noted that there are many trails not on the map, and we explored a few. But judging from the GPS map in my iPhone, several of them go further into park area (not private property) so it wouldn't surprise me if someone can get at least four miles of hiking on this mountain. You can see our track here, with the parts we did that aren't on the map. At no time did we turn back on a spur because it ended. They all continued into green park territory. Perhaps the place warrants a future visit.

Total distance hiked was about 2.2 miles in 90 minutes.

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