Welch and Dickey Mountains

Welch and Dickey Mountains, White Mountain National Forest (6/11/2008)

This is hike #75 ("Welch and Dickey") in the White Mountains and Above the Notches section of the book New Hampshire Hiking (First Edition).

This was the third of six hikes we did over four days in New Hampshire the week of June 9. By Wednesday the heat wave was dissipating a bit and the humidity on the mountains was tolerable. Thanks to our dear friend Theresa for suggesting this wonderful hike, one of her favorites. It's now one of our favorites as well. Though not as challenging as Mt. Cardigan, it offered some amazing views from Welch Mountain and from Dickey Mountain, and even in-between.

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A rocky trailhead

In a densely dark forest

Exposed tree roots abound

[Photo by Laura]

Close-up of a slug

First viewpoint is at a plant restoration area


That's Welch Mountain in the back

View southeast

[Photo by Laura]


View south

View northwest

A lone bird

Ascending the bareface

You can see the incline here

Garter snake

The restoration area from above

Taking a break

View west

View west

A narrow squeeze

[Photo by Laura]

Perfect natural erosion circles

Can't stand up here

Drop your water bottle and it's gone

View southeast

[Photo by Laura]

Hands and feet here

View south

View northwest

[Photo by Laura]

Berry bushes near the summit

Baldface of Dickey Mountain


Summit of Dickey Mountain

View northeast


Descending Welch Mountain

Giant cairn in hollow


View of Welch from Dickey

More baldface ridge

Group of hikers on Welch summit

Cairns mark the way on Dickey

View of the White Mountains

Glacial erratic

Erratic hiker [Photo by Laura]

Graffiti! 1903? 1908?


More hikers on Welch summit

Our lunch spot

Welch Mountain in rear

More bug repellant


Nice rockwall at base of Dickey

Feeding swallowtail

We conquered Welch & Dickey!

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