Mounts Morgan & Percival

Mounts Morgan & Percival, Holderness, New Hampshire (6/12/2008)

This is hike #4 ("Squam Mountains") in the Central and Southern New Hampshire section of the book New Hampshire Hiking (First Edition).

This was the fifth of six hikes we did over four days in New Hampshire the week of June 9. This terrific hike wasn't as tricky as Mt. Cardigan, but tougher than the Welch Dickey hike. We chose the toughest path up and down, over and through the boulder jumbles. The path up Mt. Morgan is rated a Class 3, and the path down Mt. Percival a Class 2. Those afraid of hikes should take the easier Class 1 paths. Those willing to chance it are in for a delightful time.

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Excited at the trailhead

Giant blow down

Ladders mark the tricky part

You must ascend ...

... three ladders

Dan at the top of the ladder [Photo by Laura]

To get to a cave


Onto a bare ridge

And then do a tricky ascent

Climbing with feet ...

... and hands


View of Squam Lake

A break [Photo by Laura]


On peak of Mt. Morgan


The gorgeous Squam Lake

White Mountains to the north

Moose poop

Inspirations: ages 80, 64, at least 75

Squam lake from Mt. Percival summit


Beginning ...

... the descent to the ...

Percival boulder caves

Very tricky footing

Freeze! [Photo by Laura]

Very tight squeeze


The boulder cave

Inside the cave [Photo by Laura]


The boulders give birth ...

... to Laura!


Garter snake

Dragon fly

Open field on Morse trail

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