Hebron Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Hebron Marsh, Hebron, New Hampshire (6/10/2008)

This was the second of six hikes we did over four days in beautiful New Hampshire the week of June 9. This day we were in the midst of a heat wave and the temperatures were the worst, in the high 90s. So today we decided to take a nice, level loop in the Hebron Marsh Wildlife Refuge where we sweat bullets even while standing still in the shade! We took the Beaver trail north of North Shore Road, skirting the banks of the Cockermouth River.

Next we drove to Sculptured Rocks Natural Area for a few photos and a short hike.

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Newfound Lake from the north tip


Cautious resident

Open field


Kayakers on the Cockermouth River


Cockermouth River

Birdhouses abound

At Sculptured Rocks

Its history

Trying to stay cool

Trying to look cool [Photo by Laura]

Group of swallowtails


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