Mount Lee

Mount Lee, Griffith Park (10/18/2009)

This is Hike #64 ("Mount Lee and the Hollywood Sign") in Day Hikes Around Los Angeles (4th edition). This was the first of five spectacular hikes we did during our five-day stay in Los Angeles from October 17 to October 21. We visited Los Angeles in 2006, and during that stay we hiked to Bronson Caves in Griffith Park. At that time that was the closest we ever got to the Hollywood sign. During this hike we got the closest hikers are allowed to get in the front, and the closest they are allowed to get in the back. The view of Los Angeles from the top of Mount Lee (the location of the sign) is awe-inspiring, especially on the day we hiked it where the morning fog was still lingering over the city giving it an ethereal quality.

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