Mosle Preserve

Mosle Preserve, Mendham (8/20/2017)

This relatively new hiking area has been on our list for a few months now and today we decided to hike it along with another area nearby. This is because according to the official map, there is only a mile of hiking. So we had planned on doing more of the Patriot's Path after hiking Mosle. Imagine our surprise when we arrived and saw this map in the kiosk! So, we parked in the very large lot near the kiosk (there is more parking south) and hiked just about every trail in the park. You can see our track here. As you can see, there are many more trails than on the official map, and still other trails that aren't on the kiosk map.

Total distance today was 3.7 miles in just a bit over 2 hours.

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