Maureen Ogden Preserve
Today we headed to another preserve near Budd Lake, this right down the road from the South Branch Preserve South, which we hiked last weekend. It's a nice little preserve with two main trails. The only drawback is a half-mile road walk required at the end (unless you want to backtrack the entire way). But Fairview Avenue is hardly used so no more than two cars passed us.

Using this map we parked in the lot on Fairview Avenue and headed on Orange in a clockwise direction (repeating the first part twice) and then continue on Blue in a counterclock-wise direction. The map shows a White spur but we couldn't find it. There's also a nice lake near the end, off the trail, most likely belonging to Drakestown Equestrian which this entire loop hikes around.

Total distance today was about 3.5 miles in two hours.

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