Ledgewood Park & Morris Canal

Morris Canal & Ledgewood Park (9/17/2017)

This is the second of two small areas we visited today in Roxbury. I hadn't realized it when we got there, but we actually did the very first part of this park way back in 2011, the part from the lake to the small stretch of the remains of the Morris Canal. At that point we were on our way to lunch on Route 46, not dressed for a hike, and didn't have a map. Today we did some of the other trails in the park.

Using this map we parked just SW of the lake and did a lollipop in a counter-clockwise direction. This is a surprisingly beautiful area, with a nice lake, some canal remains, beautiful rock formations on Yellow, and a couple of deep mines (behind wire fences) on Blue. And there's a fair amount of climbing for such a tiny area!

Total distance hiked was about 1.8 miles in 90 minutes.

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