Stockton to Lambertville

Stockton to Lambertville, D & R Canal State Park (9/19/2009)

This is hike #30 ("The Delaware River Valley-Stockton to Lambertville") in Hiking New Jersey: A Guide to 50 of the Garden State's Greatest Hiking Adventures (1st edition). Last month we did an 8-mile loop along and across the Delaware River which also began in Stockton, New Jersey and went north to Bull's Island. That was hike #29 from the aforementioned book. Today's hike is meant to be a companion hike to that hike. This time we walked south to lovely Lambertville, NJ, then crossed over the Delware River to the even more beautiful New Hope, Pennsylvania. After walking around for a bit, we walked the towpath of the Delaware Canal (not to be confused with the Delaware and Raritan Canal) north to Centre Bridge, PA, before finally crossing back into Stockton, NJ. After the nearly 7-mile walk, we had lunch at Meil's Restaurant in Stockton, where the potato pancakes were some of the best I've ever eaten. But the prices were quite high -- $13 for a veggie sandwich with a side!

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Sundial near trailhead

Trail of the Bel-Del railroad

Not sure what this was

But it was interesting

Mile marker on rail trail

Deck-girder bridge over canal


Gorgeous tree

Delaware River to our right

Cormorants in river

View to Pennsylvania

D & R feeder canal

Quarry mill on Mt. Gilboa

Defunct Mt. Gilboa railroad bridge

View south from under bridge

Canal looking south [photo by Laura]

Approaching Rt. 202

Trail crosses canal here

Rails still in place

View of canal looking south

Fence for Jimison Farm

Crab apples

Jimison Farm



View from opposite side

At least five turtles sunning

RR girder-bridge at Bum Junction

View from under bridge

RR girder-bridge

Wild flowers on canal bank

Turtle sunning

Old house in Lambertville

Bamboo along path

Path passes backyards

And sleeping cats [photo by Laura]

Canal at Lambertville

Lovely ivy-covered building

Ducks at canal

More ducks

More wild flowers

View north

In Lambertville

New Hope-Lambertville bridge

Fisherman standing in Delaware

Heading back to the bank

Paddler near Bucks County Playhouse

Fishing in river (view north)


Sculpture overlooking river

Parry Mansion

Gates of original jail

Vansant House

Dragon sculpture

Main Street, New Hope

New Hope shop [photo by Laura]

Ferry Street Bridge

Squirrel on Delware towpath

Train at former Reading Railroad station

Delaware Canal in PA

Cat tails and locomotive


Jet and vapor trails


Yield to mules!

Delaware River and Rt. 202 bridge

Storybook Cottage on towpath

Rt. 202 bridge

Powerline cut

Totem pole on river bank

Historical kiosk points out ...

... home of artist William L. Lathrop

Heading north

Mansions across the canal

Beautiful path

View of Centre Bridge over Delaware

Old growth

What the? A Chia mule?

Path along river

Cana boats behind Centre Bridge Inn

Closer view

On the Centre Bridge

Looking towards PA

Inside Meil's for lunch

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