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Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Northwest Trails (2/4/2018)

This is the second hike of the morning. We returned to the western network of trails east of Long Hill Road, this time covering the trails that we were unable to do in mid-December of last year. At that time we wanted to do all of the trails in that part, but melting ice and local flooding caused us to head back before completing the northern part of the Blue trail, and the Red loop.

Using this map, we parked at the western end of Woodland Road (a dirt cul-de-sac parking lot) and headed south into the swamp on Blue. We continued all the way to just before Blue meets with Yellow (at exactly the spot where we had to turn around in December). The swamp was frozen solid this morning, so we were easily able to reach Great Brook. Here we turned back and returned to the car, doing the Red trail on the way.

Total distance hiked today was 2.1 miles in 70 minutes.

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