Gorham Mountain

Gorham Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine (5/12/2009)

This is hike #2-7 ("Gorham Mountain") in the book A Walk in the Park: Acadia's Hiking Guide (Tenth Edition). This was the sixth of nine hikes we did in Maine the week of May 10.

Gorham Mountain is south of the Beehive, so we combined this hike with the Beehive to make an extraordinary hike which spanned mountain cliffs, mountain ridges, dense forests and a beautiful coastline, ending at Sandy Beech. You can't ask for more variety.

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Pine posts mark every trail intersection

Laura gazes upon the Beehive

The Beehive


At least five hikers on the Beehive

Glacial erratic

Cadillac & Dorr Mountains

Western Point

View northwest

Gorham peak

Our amazing lunch spot

Look who joined us!

He even ate from Laura's hand

Our friend's feet

He hung out the entire time

Look at that face!

He stayed to search for crumbs

Great Head beyond the ridge


The Atlantic Ocean

Thunder Hole below us

Great Head juts out


Steep descent

[photo by Laura]

Cadillac Cliffs


Beautiful layers of rock

Narrow passages


Commemorative plaque

On the Ocean path

Lobster fishing boat

The rocky coast

Rock scrambling ...

... on the ocean

Thunder Hole wasn't thundering

[photo by Laura]

The Acadia nature cruiser

Gull on Sandy Beach

Laura on Sandy Beach

The water was frigid

The Beehive from the shore

Maine's gorgeous coast

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