Flint-Roaring Rock

Flint Natural Area & Roaring Rock Park (4/8/2018)

We visited this area back in 2014 and hiked every trail in Roaring Rock Park south of Harmony Brass Castle Road. Today, still having problems with a pulled muscle and not knowing how much I'd be able to hike, we returned to the area because I saw that my friend Daniela had hiked this area the previous weekend and that a brand new 1.9-mile loop had been blazed north of the road in an area called the Dick Flint Natural Area. None of this existed back in 2014. So we figured we'd see how I held up. And I held up fine, so after hiking the two miles north of the road, we decided to do the white loop in the Roaring Rock area once again. It's been spring here for almost three weeks, but when we started hiking the temperature was below freezing.

Total distance hiked was 4 miles in 3 hours with a fair amount of climbing on the white trail in Roaring Rock Park.

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