Dingmans Falls

Dingmans Falls (12/6/2008)

This out-and-back visits five outstanding waterfalls all within a couple of miles of each other. On the eastern end are the magnificent Dingmans and Silverthread Falls. On the western end are Fulmer, Factory and Deer Leap Falls. Hike #1 ("Dingman Falls") from the book Great Hikes in the Poconos and Northeast Pennsylvania has the trail head on the western end, while hike #6 ("Dingman Falls") from the book Hike Pennsylvania begins on the eastern end. I intended to begin on the eastern end but Johnny B. Mountain Road (yes, that's the name) was closed for the season. Presumably Dingman Falls visitor center is also closed for the season since this road is the only way to get to it. So I drove west and began the hike at Childs Recreation Site.

Amazingly, there are so many waterfalls and cascades, it was difficult to keep them apart and I mistook a major cascade (which is sort of a minor waterfall) for Silverthread Falls. When I got home, I realized it wasn't that waterfall at all. Silverthread is much more impressive, based on photos I found on Google Earth. I hang my head in shame, having "bagged" only four of the five waterfalls on this trek. Oh well, this gives us another reason to go back to this gorgeous area.

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View of Fulmer Falls

Fulmer Falls

Fulmer Falls

Fulmer Falls [photo by Laura]

Factory Falls

Factory Falls [photo by Laura]

Laura near Factory Falls


Factory Falls

Upper cascade of Factory Falls

View downstream

Photographing mill ruins (from 1825)

[Photo by Laura]

At top cascade of Factory Falls

Factory Falls

Factory Falls

Iced bushes at falls

Mill ruins

Upper cascade of Factory Falls

Stream crossing

More ruins off trail

Sturdy boardwalks

Fulmer falls from southern side

This must have cost a bundle to build

Dan over Deer Leap Falls [photo by Laura]

Boardwalk atop Deer Leap Falls

Deer Leap Falls

Trekking downstream

Down-dog shenanigans

Downy woodpecker

Careful there


Exposed tree roots

Small cascade near top of Dingmans Falls

Laura atop Dingmans Falls

Looking nearly straight down

Cascade on way down

More boardwalks

Iced plants from falls mist

130-foot Dingmans Falls

Sliding on viewing platform

Lots of ice

Nature's art

Dingmans Falls


Trekking upstream

Signs of past industry

Small cascade in stream

Abandonded hornet's nest

Back at Deer Leap Falls

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