Rattlesnake Gulch

Rattlesnake Gulch, Eldorado Canyon State Park, Colorado (9/10/2008)

This is Trip #22 ("Rattlesnake Gulch Trail") in the "Boulder Area: Plains & Foothills" section of the book Afoot & Afield: Denver, Boulder & Colorado's Front Range (First Edition).

This was the third of four hikes we did over two days in Colorado the week of September 7. Eldorado Canyon State Park is just outside of Boulder, about 40 minutes north of Denver. The park is popular with rock climbers, and we saw several far up and off in the distance. This hike, and the next, were within view of a railroad cut high up into the mountain a long time ago, on Moffat Road. The railroad serves the Burlington Northern Sante Fe company as well as Amtrak. On this hike we actually climbed to railroad level, which was pretty damned high, and saw an Amtrak pass by while we were still far below it. On the next hike (Eldorado Canyon), we saw a freight train pass by.

This hike also visits the ruins of the Crags Hotel, which was in business on the mountain from 1908 and 1912 before it was destroyed by fire. Another short jaunt took us to the Continental Divide Lookout, where the view was spectacular!

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Picturesque trail head

That's a fake snake

Views within five minutes of the car

On the Fowler Trail

Laura made a friend

On the Rattlesnake Gulch Trail


Rock climber

Another climber (look upper left)


Mine tailings?

Gorgeous wildflowers

There's the Amtrak train


View to the valley

Boulder is down there somewhere


Ruins of Crags Hotel

Crags Hotel fireplace


View to park entrance

Cars near park entrance


Path to Continental Divide lookout

House on the mountain

Looking to the divide

Taking a break

Bench at the lookout

[Photo by Laura]

View of the Continental Divide

[Photo by Laura]

The railroad across the canyon

Steep drop from tracks


Train tunnel cut into the mountain



Our lunch spot back at the ruins

Crags Hotel fountain ruins

Graffiti trees


Plane towing a glider

[Photo by Laura]

Interesting ruins

Water treatment facility?

Does that say Dan 'n' Laura?

Atop the concrete tube

Rocky path back

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