Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Colorado (9/9/2008)

This is part of Trip #2 ("Garden of the Gods") in the "Colorado Springs Area" section of the book Afoot & Afield: Denver, Boulder & Colorado's Front Range (First Edition).

This was the second of four hikes we did over two days in Colorado the week of September 7. Garden of the Gods is in Colorado Springs, about 90 minutes south of Denver. Like Roxborough State Park (where we did the previous hike in Colorado), this park is filled with awesome red rock formations which you just don't see anywhere in NJ or NY! The lower trails are paved, while the upper trails (which, unfortunately, we didn't have time to explore) are sand footpaths.

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Amazingly beautiful trail head


See the family at the bottom?

Laura is dwarfed

Pigeons love those holes

Giant plaque

[Photo by Laura]


Looks like the Dawn of Man from Kubrick's "2001"


Is that Pike's Peak?

Pike's Peak?

Interested rabbit


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