Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain, Big Pocono State Park (9/14/2012)

We planned this 3-day weekend (and three more to come) months in advance and we couldn't have picked a better Friday to go hiking. The weather was perfect. Today we returned to Pennsylvania, crossing the Delaware River for the first time since May, 2010. We followed my friend Daniela's excellent Hike of the Week for 11/27/2010 as posted on the website of the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference. All the hikes I've seen of Camelback Mountain start at the very top of the mountain in one of the four parking areas (the two Pennsylvania hike books that I own suggest this very thing). But Daniela has designed a hike which begins at the southern base of the mountain, at a pull-off on Railroad Avenue, and which gradually climbs Camelback first very gradually on an abandoned railroad bed and then very steeply before arriving (nearly 1000 feet of climbing later) at one of the highest peaks in the Poconos. The feeling of arriving there on foot, as opposed to merely driving up, is very rewarding.

Total distance hiked today was nearly 9 miles in 4.5 hours.

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Riday's Gate

Not to hikers!

View west

Hill covered with slate fragments

Heading east on RR bed

Trail register

"911 Never Forget"


Beautiful cut ...

... through the mountain

Laura finds graffiti

Rhododendron on RR bed

Puddle on RR bed

RR bed is now blazed red

About to climb

Climbing gradually at first

Partial view north

Climbing steeply

Camelback ski resort

And climbing!

Kiosk at summit

View north [photo by Laura]

View north

Ski lift ...

... looking north

On Rim Road

Ski lift

View north

Climbing to parking lot 2

Expansive view north

Timber rattlesnake warning sign

View NE

Multiple ...

... views ...

... south

Delaware Water Gap

Views ...

... south

Tourist telescope north

Tourist telescope south

Visitor's Center and antenna tower

View south from restrooms

Eagle Scout project

Heading to Lot 3

Rim Road

Vista trail and Rim Road

Memorial on Vista trail

View south to ...

... Mountain Spring Lake

DWG from South Trail

Zoom to DWG

Beautiful South Trail


And more ferns

On Indian trail



[Photo by Laura]

Approaching the view

View NE from ...

... Indian trail

View SE


[Photo by Laura]

Trail parallels ...

... deep drop

Graffiti from 1930s

Our gorgeous lunch spot!

Expansive view SE

Indian trail

Taking a break!

Abundant ferns


Little toad


Mountain swamp

Trail of slate

Leafy RR bed

Back on RR bed


Tiny mushrooms

Shale cut on RR bed

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