Butternut Trail

Butternut Trail, Worlds End State Park (4/9/2014)

This was the fifth and last hike we did during out five-day stay in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. After hiking south of Route 154 this morning we decided to do this trail north of Route 154 after a quick lunch. This is Hike #34 ("Butternut Trail") in the book Hiking the Endless Mountains (2nd edition) by Jeff Mitchell. The view from the Butternut Trail isn't the most spectacular in the area, but it's worth the climb.

Before heading back to Williamsport, we drove the steep dirt road up to the Rock Garden for the most spectacular view over the park (you can see some photos at the end of this collection). In all we hiked 19 miles in our 4 days of hiking, four of the hikes had some serious ascents. It was a lot of fun after a brutal winter of straight-away hikes in deep snow.

Total distanced hiked was 2.7 miles in 2 hours.

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