Black River Park

Black River Park (10/1/2017)

Today we visited two more areas in Morris County, NJ, within 4-5 minutes of each other by car. This first is a relatively small but disproportionately beautiful area. It should also be noted that one can hike this area and easily connect with Dickerson Mine area which we hiked back in 2013.

Using this map we parked in the lot on Main Street and first did the eastern leg of the lollipop, continuing east and then south along the banks of the lake (this trail is not on the map). We hiked this back in 2013 but I didn't realize it until we got home. We took that trail as far south as we could (as we did in 2013), before we turned back and did the western leg of the lollipop, back to the car. You can see our track here.

Total distance hiked was about 2 miles in about 75 minutes.

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