Bar Island

Bar Island, Acadia National Park, Maine (5/11 & 5/12/2009)

This is hike #1-1 ("Bar Island") in the book A Walk in the Park: Acadia's Hiking Guide (Tenth Edition). This was the fourth of nine hikes we did in Maine the week of May 10.

Bar Island is within Frenchman Bay, just across from Bar Harbor. The most interesting thing about Bar Island is that during low tide you can actually walk to it. Yes, you actually walk on the ocean bottom. Until recently there was one private resident on the island but now the entire island is part of Acadia National Park. The island itself is not spectacular. The thrill is in walking to it, wandering around it in utter isolation, and then getting back to Bar Harbor before the tide rolls back in. At low tide there are about three hours for one to wander around. But the two times we walked over it was sunset. Not fancying walking around a remote island with just a flashlight, we limited the amount of time we wandered. I did manage to get some really nice shots of evening Bar Harbor from Bar Island high point, though.

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Unbelievable sunset over Frenchman Bay

A lone water bird

Walking on the ocean floor

Lights of Bar Harbor ...


... from Bar Island after sunset

Earlier evening the next day

Sun is about to set

Boats in Frenchman Bay

Strolling on the ocean floor

Look at my long shadow!

Ocean floor





More algae

Sunset nears


Mansion across the bay

Beautiful red rock

Dead tree near trailhead


Path through open field


Bar Harbor

[photo by Laura]

View up Main Street

Bar Harbor Inn and Margaret Todd schooner

One of the Porcupine Islands

Dorr & Cadillac Mountains dwarf the village

Giant cairn ...

... marks Bar Island peak


Dark path back

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